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Relocate, Expand or Merger

  • If your church is considering relocating, expanding or merging with another congregation, give us a call.
  • We will assist you in the early stages of the decision process and direct you to churches and pastors who have gone through the process and know the pitfalls.
  • A plan comparing options and costs early in the evaluation process is mandatory.
  • Contact us or Complete the Church Property Assessment Form. Click Here

Strategic Facility Planning


As we work in the church community, we encounter many churches evaluating their long term facility needs. This often leads to serious discussions and evaluations of a relocation. Facilities often times restrict churches from fulfilling their mission.

  • Faulty information generally leads to low estimates of construction costs on new facilities, mis-calculating site improvement and design cost in the total budget, overestimating net proceeds from the sale of current property, incorrect timelines, and/or low estimate of new site costs for a new campus.
  • When a poorly thought out relocation plan fails, a church that needs to relocate is weakened and the credibility of it’s leadership is damaged. Before we begin work with a church to sell their facility or to buy land, it is mandatory to prepare a workable relocation plan. Otherwise, the banker will eventually be the bearer of the bad news that the church has wasted time on presenting a plan that will not work.
  • If your church is being limited by its facilities, call Service Realty. We will provide you with the knowledge and insights from our extensive working experience to help you navigate through these issues and, if applicable, develop a marketing strategy for your current facility and a relocation plan that helps put your church in the best place to fulfill the mission and vision of your church.