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Construction Cost Estimator
Spaces in blue are to be filled in.  If not needed, leave space at 0. 
If options are given (small vs.large, construction type, etc., place a 1 in category--only choose one type)
Support Space percentage varies by category for corridors, toilets, storage and mechanical
Education Space
Age Group   Capacity SF/Person Square Feet
40% Support Space required for Education    
Total Education Space Size    
Worship Space
    Capacity SF/Person Square Feet
Stage/Platform small (20%)  
large (40%)  
Foyer small 20% of Worship  
large 50% of Worship area  
30% Support Space required for Worship    
Total Worship Space Size    
Dining/Fellowship Space
    Capacity SF/Person Square Feet
Seating at Tables  
Kitchen Food Prep
30% Support Space required for Dining/Fellowship Area    
Total Dining/Fellowship Size    
Administrative/Office Area
# of Ministry Staff  
# of Support Staff  
40% Support Space required for Admin/Office Area    
Total Administrative Size    
Community/Recreation Space
Gym High School Size
Junior High Size
Game/Video/Craft Room
40% Support Space required for Community/Recreation Space  
Total Community/Recreation Area Size    
Do you need parking?    Yes
Total Parking Cost
Total Square Footage of Buildings    
Step 2: Calculate Construction Cost
Total Square Footage of Buildings    
Select Construction Type (select only 1):    
Economy -$90 per ft²    
Residential $120 per ft²    
Light Commercial-$150 per ft2  
Heavy Commercial $250 per ft²  
Economy: Full Metal exterior and structure, volunteer construction, pre-engineered
Residential: one story, wood studs, effice exterior
Light Commercial: Steel Structure, masonary
Heavy Commercial: Top of line construction, large buildings
Parking Cost      
Step 3: Estimate Monthly Payments
Total Construction Cost    
Cash on Hand      
Total Cost to Be Financed    
Duration (yrs)    
Interest Rate      
Monthly Payments    
Does not include Building Permits and Government fees
Does not include land costs and due dilignece expense, utilities serving the property
Does not include Audio and sound equipment cost
Designs for different reigions of the country will vary costs.
   Numbers shown are intended to provide general cost estimate projections
Architect and engineering fees included in construction estimate

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